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    Irrigation Set Vertical Water Tap GARDENA



    Detailed description:

    For the irrigation of up to 9 vertical planters with water connection

    The GARDENA NatureUp! Irrigation Set Vertical Water Tap includes all components for the trouble-free and water-saving irrigation of up to 9 vertical planters. The pressure-reducing Master Unit is connected to the tap via the Adapter Piece. The planters are accurately irrigated using thin Drip Irrigation Lines via the supply pipe system.

    Included Components 1 Master Unit 1000, 1 Shut-Off Valve 4,6 mm, 6 Connectors 4,6 mm, 7 T-Pieces 4,6 mm, 1 Cross Fitting 4,6 mm, 2 L-Pieces 4,6 mm, 10 Plugs 4,6 mm, 9 Drip Irrigation Lines 65 cm, 8 Supply Pipes 16,5 cm, 3 Supply Pipes 4 cm, 1 Supply Pipe 150 cm (all Pipes 4,6 mm)
    Use For watering up to 27 plants or 9 vertical containers with a water supply
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