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    Electric Lawn Rake ES 500 GARDENA

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    Detailed description:

    Year-round care for your lawn – gentle and efficient

    With the GARDENA Electric Lawn Rake ES 500 you can gently remove moss and thatch on your lawn, prevent regrowth and improve the air-, water- and nutrient absorption of the lawn. Low-wear, hardened stainless steel springs comb through the lawn and efficiently remove matted grass, weeds and moss. In the case of wear of the stainless steel springs, these can be easily adjusted via a handy adjusting level. Thanks to the powerful PowerPlus motor, you can work without interruption and get the Lawn Rake running at any time without problems. Large wheels with special tread facilitate steering and allow good grip on the lawn. For pleasant pushing, the guide handle is equipped with a convenient switch. And for travelling to the site of use there is the transportation position in which the blades are easily and quickly folded up. Practical: the handle of the Electric Lawn Rake can be quickly taken apart, thereby allow space-saving storage and easy transportation.
    Tip: A lawn can be raked all year round, after every 2nd or 3rd mowing

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