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    სპრინკლერი S Oscillating Sprinkler AquaZoom S Gardena



    Detailed description:

    The AquaZoom S from GARDENA gives you everything you need to reliably water your lawn. Suitable for areas of 9 to 150 m², it offers uniform and precise watering that prevents the formation of puddles. Enjoy every inch of summer.
    A range of configuration options are available for sprinkling, which you can set using the device’s sliders. These allow you to set the range between 3 and 15 meters, the spray width between 3 and 10 meters and also the possibliity to water just one side. Fine adjustment is also an option by regulating the water flow rate. With its two large supporting feet, the sprinkler is always stable on the ground, using a unique design that gives it an effective, modern appearance. Yet its appeal is more than just skin deep thanks to high-quality materials that ensure that the AquaZoom S is resistant to frost and UV radiation. An additional quality feature is the Made in Germany 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, which highlights the long service life. This useful garden device has also been designed for easy cleaning, with spray nozzles made from soft plastic. Cleaning works effortless by wiping them off with your finger, removing any lime that may have built up on the nozzles. In addition, the water connection has a filter made from stainless steel, which prevents dirt particles from getting into the AquaZoom S. Twist off the connection by hand and you’ll see the filter, which can be removed easily. After a little while under running water, it will be nice and clean.

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