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    Lawnmower Handy Mower Battery: 22/18V P4A Ready-To-Use Set

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    Detailed description:

    The complete set of the battery lawnmower. Perfect for small gardens with up to 50 m² of lawn

    Mow beautifully. With the Battery Lawnmower HandyMower 22/18V P4A Ready-To-Use Set keeping your small garden beautiful has never been easier. With a maximum runtime of 25 minutes it allows you to cover about 50 square metres and is therefore perfect for small lawns. Its light weight and compact design make mowing the lawn as easy and effortless as vacuuming your living room. The Battery Lawnmower has a 22 centimeter mulching blade, which shreds the grass clippings finely and lets them fall back down to the ground. The cuttings then act as a natural fertiliser. There is no need to collect or dispose of the grass clippings – saving you time and space. With the three-stage cutting-height adjustment, you can perfectly adjust to the wished height for your grass. Thanks to the option of one-handed or two-handed operation, it gives you great flexibility while taking care of your lawn. Thanks to the pivoting handle mowing is even more convenient. The mower is incredibly manoeuvrable and gets into hard-to-reach places beneath objects and mows even through narrow passages. A clearly visible LED indicator on the device shows the current battery charge level. And when you’re finished, the handle pivots back into an upright position for easy and compact storage. The HandyMower 22/18V P4A is supplied as a Ready-To-Use Set with a charger and one 2.5 Ah 18V POWER FOR ALL battery. The POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE is one of the largest cross-brand battery alliances of leading manufacturers. This means that the batteries are compatible with numerous other devices around the house and garden – so you no longer need to buy one for every product. You save money and remain flexible!


    Cutting width 22 cm
    Cutting Height, min-max 30-50 mm
    Cutting height steps 3
    Working area capacity (±20) 50 m²
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