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    Battery Grass and Shrub Shears ClassicCut Li ready-to-use Set



    Detailed description:

    Complete set for the accurate cutting of lawn edges and for topiary work on box trees and shrubs.

    With the GARDENA Set Battery Grass and Shrub Shears ClassicCut Li, lawn edges can be comfortably and accurately cut. The battery-powered shears can be used for diverse applications as they are equipped with a grass and boxwood blade as well as a shrub blade. They lie perfectly in the hand due to their ergonomic handle. The quality blades achieve perfect cutting results and can be released and replaced at the touch of a button, with no tools required. With integrated, easy-care lithium-ion battery. The battery can be quickly recharged at any time without memory effect. Complete with blade protection and charger. The shears can be retrofitted with a Telescopic Handle and Wheels for convenient cutting of lawn edges without bending down (not included, accessory Art. 9859).

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