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    Hose Trolley CleverRoll L Easy



    Detailed description:

    Ideal for space-saving storage and effortless watering

    The Hose Trolley CleverRoll L Easy by GARDENA is ideal for space-saving hose storage and effortless and flexible watering. Thanks to the specially shaped base and a wheel stand, you can easily and comfortably water your flower beds. The mobile hose trolley stands securely on the lawn or patio and does not tip over. For particularly space-saving storage, the stand and the crank handle are simply folded in and the handle is quickly pushed down. An integrated hose guide ensures that the hose winds neatly and evenly onto the reel. This maintenance-free hose storage is hard-wearing and durable thanks to the high-quality materials and manufacturing. The compact hose reel can be flexibly pulled to the place of use and is ideal for large gardens. 

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